Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5. Im only doing this now, because i wont have time tommorow night because i have so many assingments.
Well my day was okay. I usually have trineeship on wednesday but i didnt go this week. I went up to the scrhuuub with brookie this morning for science and mr wells took photos of us on his iphone *cough* blackberry.
FHS was boring we just watched her make a pizza but gitsham thinks he owns the place by cooking chicken.
assembly was shit, lifeskills was shit, wrote a three page essay in sose. practise essay i mean :/ not even the real thing fmll.
uuum this arvo went to get my nail fixed at janelles and i could get a new one put on cos theyre so new but she fixed it up and it looks heaps good. helped sam clean her room. went home.

re designed my bedroom and did my science assingment.
thats about it
im going to bed now
lovee ya

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