Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i made this planner thing last night. it took me ages, but it tells me what i should do at different times of the day.
i should be in bed by 9;30 tonight and be awake by 7;35
it was fun..... kinda
but i should have studied today but i havent fmllllllll.
but i had a very productive english lesson this afternoon.
i dont have anything more to say sorry.
i cant decide whether to go to gold coast or riverfire this weekend hmmmm
thanks to you,
i broke my goals for the term


Saturday, August 21, 2010

8. My favourite birthday. hm, well ive only had 15. I can't choose. This years was probabaly my worst though, everyone forgot, thanks everyone :(
Uuum my favourite birthday was probably like my grade 4 birthday, 9? cos i had a big party and everyone came and i spent it with all of my friends.

Yeah and it was just allround good. Also in kindy cos we got to wear a crown for the day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

7. my goals.
well. i don't like to set goals to be honest, becuase if i dont achieve them its not a good feeling ha.
I like dreams better. but you could say my 'goals' for life are to do well in school, do uni on the gold coast and then get out of this country. i dont understand how people can grow up here and stay here their whole lives. There is so much out there to see, so much to be discovered, yet they stay here.
Yeah australia is a great place but seriously, we only live once, make the most of it.
the world is big, and it wont be around forever. places were made to be seen, so go and see them.


6. My favourite place,
im not to sure. It depends what mood im in. if i want to be alone, i'll go in my room. if i need company, i'll go and talk to my parents and brother. msn is a bad place when you need company, especially if no one talks to you when you need it most.

after it rains, i love going down the front to the creek. When its hot my favourite place is the pool. When its cold my favourite place is in front of the fire with a book or snuggled under my blankets.
but best of all, when im feeling sad, i go to wherever the people who love me are. whether its my parents, friends, even my pets, it cheers me up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5. Im only doing this now, because i wont have time tommorow night because i have so many assingments.
Well my day was okay. I usually have trineeship on wednesday but i didnt go this week. I went up to the scrhuuub with brookie this morning for science and mr wells took photos of us on his iphone *cough* blackberry.
FHS was boring we just watched her make a pizza but gitsham thinks he owns the place by cooking chicken.
assembly was shit, lifeskills was shit, wrote a three page essay in sose. practise essay i mean :/ not even the real thing fmll.
uuum this arvo went to get my nail fixed at janelles and i could get a new one put on cos theyre so new but she fixed it up and it looks heaps good. helped sam clean her room. went home.

re designed my bedroom and did my science assingment.
thats about it
im going to bed now
lovee ya
4 .
Well, I have one brother, Ben. Hes 17. He drives a BMW. well an older one but im still in love with it. He lives bikes, a little bit too much. We didnt used to talk as much, but now we do cos he got his P's and he loves driving me everywhere :D im jealous because his room is bigger.

Monday, August 16, 2010

3. Hmmm my parents
Well my mum, Leanne, is a deputy principal.
And my Dad, Danny, well he makes like parts for machines or something idk what he does.
Uuum well idk what else to say about them....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ahhh my first love. Some kid in Kindy. His name was James, and he used to follow me everywhere.
One day i asked him why he followed me everywhere and he cried every morning when he got dropped off cos of it.
I felt bad ha.
oh well, man up a bit

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1. Hey Im clare. im 15. I dont really know what else so say.
Its hard to write down stuff about yourself and put your life into sentences.
I get scared easily. Im very supersticious. I hate maths. I believe in everything supernatural.
to be honest, going into rooms by myself scares me. orbs in pictures scare me. scary movies scare me (??) haha.
Umm yeah enough about what scares me.My room is pink. i regret it. i want green.
I like making stuff, i cant paint.


30 Days.

Day 1. Introduce Yourself.

Day 2. Your First Love.

Day 3. Your Parents.

Day 4. Your Siblings.

Day 5. Your Day.

Day 6. Your favourite Place.

Day 7. Your Goals.

Day 8. Your Favourite Memory.

Day 9. Your Favourite Birthday.

Day 10. Your Dreams.

Day 11. Your Definition of Love.

Day 12. Your Best Friend.

Day 13. Your Beliefs.

Day 14. Your Fears.

Day 15. Your First Kiss.

Day 16. A Moment in Time.

Day 17. What You Wore Today.

Day 18. What’s In Your Bag.

Day 19. A First.

Day 20. This Week.

Day 21. Something That You Miss.

Day 22. A Moment In Time.

Day 23. What You Ate Today.

Day 24. What You Wore Today.

Day 25. This Month.

Day 26. Something that Upsets You.

Day 27. Soemthing That Makes You Feel Better.

Day 28. What Makes You Cry.

Day 29. Something You Regret.

Day 30. One Last Moment In Time.

not much to say....
i booked my set plan interview. im kind of nervous. my parents keep saying that i dont know what i want to be even though i do ha.

okaaay so um yeah. keen for my shift saturday morning 7:15-1;15 :l
jokesssssssssssssss sooo unkeen dont even wanna work that time in the morning and for that long ef em elllll. but oh well moneyy.
YES I NEED TO INVEST IN A NEW PHONE. but no idea what kind..... i wnna get a n97 mini but not sure everyone says there shit....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

long time

i havent blogged in a long time. because ive been so busy with doing nothing, i forgot about you !
so far, i suppose my goals for this term are going good.
i usually do my homework, and i think im so much nicer generally cos i havent been in any fights this term which is really good.
im also saving money finally. maybe cos ive got like three jobs right now which is crazy but oh well, i need to save up for my daeewooo ! (chloe haha)

i think im paying more attention in class aswell. cos i have heaps stricter teachers.

okaay, well im going to bed, im tired and i have to work all day tommorow, fun fun !
and arts night tommorow night . yay :D
xoxo love yas