Friday, June 25, 2010

i just wanted to say,
im in the same place as you are.

we're over. i dont care anymore, about you. because you ovbiously don't care about me if you have the hide to do this to me, after what we went through, why should i care?
have fun with your new life. thats all i have to say.

and to my real friends,
i love you all. thankyou for being there.

love clare
p.s dont get raped

I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HIM. he has no hope. poor kid
im actually a really happy person.

happiness is good. its good to be happy.
When your happy, everyone around you gets happy.
I think its rude to be sad around people, because you just bring them down with you.,

from now on, happiness is going to be my number one priority hahahah

love yas

i want to be your friend,

so stop pushing me away.
according to you, everything i do is wrong.
your only mad at me, because you found someone better than me.
sorry that shes better.
can you just not be a slut

Monday, June 14, 2010

i hope you were right.

i really do.
... please be right.

so, im looking at photos from grade 8.
and im so sad now.
everything was so simple then !

noone was bitchy and half our grade werent sluts.
I wish we kept our attitudes from grade 8.

I'm not friends with some people i was back then now. I wish i was.
Grade 8, it seems like forever ago, when really it was only a year and a half ago.

lets go back, yeah?

Friday, June 11, 2010

ive been kinda depressing lately hahahah.
im happy now, cos im in front of the heater.

i hope all you drunken mess's are having fun at the party

done |
p.s ya mum v


isnt it annoying when everyone has in their facebook status/msn name getting ready for an awesome night.

i just find that really annoying.
but only cos i cant go out tonight :/ what a depressing friday night

Thursday, June 10, 2010


im missing it.

its cos some retard wont let me go out tommorow night.

as of now, im not talking to my parents unless its about something i want to do/ how gay they are.



its bitchy.
well, being 15 is anyway.
parents suck. well mine do anyway.
first they choose a house in the middle of nowhere, they they put two kids in it who aren't allowed to hardly ever go out.
plus they overreact to every minor thing you do wrong, which is also fantastic...

i dont know what else to write about, cos this is how im feeling right now.
i hate where i live, and i want to drive. well, drive away from here anyway

... cos its a shithole.